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  • La Biblia y nuestras emociones (Espanol)
    Julian Melgosa

    …depresión* la resiliencia, la autoestima, los celos, las adicciones* cómo mejorar nuestras relaciones personales Mental and Emotional Health Dr. Julian Melgosa uses biblical examples and personal illustrations to demonstrate how essential a partnership with Christ is in dealing with…

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  • Silver Hills Spa Cuisine
    Eileen Brewer, Cecile Gordon

    …family wouldn't miss dairy products. Ever since the 1980's Eileen has been expanding and perfecting vegetarian recipes and menus for Silver Hills Health Center and Spa. She has taught numerous vegetarian cooking schools as well as produced three Silver Hills cookbooks. When Silver Hills chef Cecile…

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  • The 30-day Diabetes Miracle

    …surgeries and debilitation complications* Eliminate counterproductive lifestyle choices and habits* Enjoy more hope, energy and a zest for life!* Take ownership of your own health and future* Feel and look healthier than you ever imagined possible* Discover that you can control or stop your diabetes

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  • Mind If I Smoke?
    Dr. Harold Shryock

    …upon respiration, heart, and other organs of the body and presents the findings in simple, clear statements of fact. This is a thorough and unbiased review of the controversial subject of smoking and health by a respected physician, professor, and researcher Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Programmed to Live
    Rene Noorbergen

    …First printed in 1975 and rereleased as part of the Heritage Collection, Programmed to Live tells the fascinating story of the current health findings that confirm knowledge available over a century ago and largely neglected. Here you can learn how you, the reader, can be “programmed”…

  • McDougalls' All-You-Can-Eat Cookbook
    John and Mary McDougall

    …you want – and lose weight? Absolutely! Contrary to the anti-carbohydrate movement, the eating program described in this book makes healthful starch-based foods the centerpiece of a fat-reducing, wellness-promoting diet. Dr. John McDougall, bestselling author and creator of the nationally…

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  • Newstart Lifestyle Cookbook
    Weimar Institute

    "NEWSTART Stands for the eight elements that give you health, vigor, and healing: Nutrition. Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in Divine Power. With the more than 260 heart-healthy recipes included in the NEWSTART Lifestyle Cookbook, the Weimar Institute has developed more…

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  • Body Beautiful
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    This book will show you how to build and maintain good physical, mental, social and spiritual health so that you can enjoy the very best of what life has to offer. God has given you this life to live well—use it wisely!

  • Consejos sobre la salud (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …together the counsels Ellen White received on this topic during seven decades. Topics include Essentials to Health, Diet and Health, Outdoor Life and Physical Activity, Teaching Health Principles, and Holiness of Life—as well as practical advice for doctors, nurses, and others who are engaged…

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  • 7 Deadly Psychological Sins DVD
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    …thinking patterns – worry, avoidance, criticism, complaining, self-pity, emotionalism, bitterness – that influence one's emotional health. Learn how to “fix” them with simple replacement behaviors. The goal? A healthier, happier you. This DVD is set up in chapters and would…

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  • How Your Mind Works
    Gwynne Dalrymple

    …in 1940 and rereleased as a Heritage Classic, How Your Mind Works by Gwynne Dalrymple points out the Christian rules and principles of mental health, which are needed in these ever-evolving days of hurry, stress, and uncertainty. The first nine chapters in this book discuss how the brain works,…

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  • Simple, Tasty, Good Cookbook
    Signs Publishing

    This recipe book is simple. That was the idea from the start – to create a collection of recipes that are plant-based, taste great, quick and easy to make from everyday ingredients – and that is what we have done. Every recipe is simple, quick, easy and healthy. You can buy all of the…

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  • Cooking With Catie
    Catie Sanner

    Tasty vegan vegetarian recipes that kids will love to make! The 3ABN Kids Time Cookbook includes sections for Breakfast & Breads, Soups Salads & Sandwiches, Entrees, and Desserts.

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  • Surviving Grief
    Sandy Zaugg

    Author Sandy Zaugg knows something about hardships and trials. When her children were 8 and 13, she lost her husband to colon cancer. Nine years later, her son died as a result of an automobile accident. This book is the honest rendition of one woman’s struggle through devastating grief and…

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  • 13 Weeks To Peace
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    So many of us suffer from chronic guilt feelings; we assume that these feelings reflect God’s opinion of us. But then along comes the gospel – exploding the lie with its mind-shattering declaration that not only does He love us, He is the One who “forgives all [our] iniquities, who…

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  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking
    Ernestine Finley

    Ernestine "Teenie" Finley has conducted hundreds of cooking schools over the years. This book is the accumulation of many of the recipes that have been taste-tested in these schools and in the Finley family kitchen. With a hard cover spiral binding and full-color pictures throughout, this cookbook…

  • They're All Dead, Aren't They?
    Joy Swift

    The bestseller by Joy Swift is back in print Only a teenager when her children were taken from her in the cruelest ways imaginable, Joy Swift riveted a nation with her gut-wrenching story of love, loss, and renewed hope. That story became the bestselling book, “They’re All Dead,…

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  • Soul Matters
    Karl Haffner

    Your soul matters! Is your life still stuck in “fast-forward”? Did you get the twenty-pound, folio-sized, leather-bound, gilded-edged, deluxe Day-Timer with the optional wheels for Christmas? Are you doing more and enjoying it less? Do you struggle again and again with soul fatigue? In…

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  • Forever His
    Marvin Moore

    This is a book for sinners. It’s for those who worry that their repeated failures disqualify them from having a relationship with Jesus. If this describes you, Signs of the Times editor and author Marvin Moore has some good news for you from the book of Romans. You can have a joyful and…

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  • Tobacco: You Can Be Free
    Loma Linda University

    So you want to quit tobacco? Outstanding No matter how difficult it may have been in the past, if you want to break free of tobacco, this practical booklet will provide you with the tools you need. You will understand your nicotine addiction and how to prepare for success, including building a…

  • Belonging
    Kay Kuzma, Ron and Nancy Rockey

    "How can we overcome the lie of Satan that we are worthless and of no value? Professional counselors Nancy and Ron Rockey, with family life specialist Kay Kuzma, help you understand the source of your driven behaviors, acknowledge the damage done to you, take responsibility for your actions, and…

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  • The Cure for Soul Fatigue
    Karl Haffner

    Suffering from "Soul Fatigue"? The Great Physician is in! Weariness of soul is epidemic. In the unmerciful crush of life’s demands even our faith gets victimized. We find ourselves too tired, hurried and preoccupied to have a meaningful relationship with God. Pastor and author Karl Haffner has…

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  • Never Good Enough
    Carol Cannon

    "Anne felt she could never please her parents. When she did something well, the usual response was, "You can do better." In her eagerness to please, she became a world-class giver. After two marriages and submerging herself in her work, she neglected her own child's need for affection. Follow in the…

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  • Pocket Signs - Does God Care That I'm Hurting? - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    This attractive and easy-to-read sharing tract offers hope and reassurance that God is there and that He does care – a message that many need to hear during these difficult times. Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly SIGNS, in…

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