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  • Cook:30.2
    Jeremy Dixon

    Cook:30.2 is the second in the Cook 30 series of TV programs. Deliciously healthy meals, salads, accompaniments and sweets. Includes how to, and recipes for creating delicious wholefood, plant-based meals from scratch in just 30 minutes. Over 100 recipes that you can mix and match for each meal.…

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  • You-Turn - Case of 100
    Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …Take charge of your health! Boost your energy! Enjoy life to the fullest! This little booklet outlines the causes of various lifestyle diseases and offers practical tips on how you can prevent, and even reverse, these debilitating conditions. You deserve good health and its within your reach!

  • Health Power
    Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …to your life and zest to your years. You can live on tiptoe. Double your energy. Banish aches and pains. Thrive on the cutting edge. Get ready for your second wind—a new life filled with vigor and enthusiasm. This brand new book has been fully updated inside from the previous Health Power.

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  • Vida dinámica (Espanol)
    Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …y aplicación práctica a la vida de toda persona que decide aceptarla como base de un nuevo estilo de vida. Dynamic Living (Spanish) Health & Vigor for the Whole Family Would you like to know how to reverse and normalize diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease,…

  • Fun With Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook
    Judi Rogers

    …* Nifty Nachos Plus: easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes, color illustrations, low in sugar, party ideas and healthful treats, rainy-day fun activities. Contents All About Me Steps to Good Health Kitchen Rules and Tools Fun With Fruit Nuts and Bolts Bread, Grains, and Stuff Vegetable Parade Vegetarian…

  • Draw Me Healthy
    Brandon Reese

    Noah doesn’t feel very good. He’s been sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating junk food. Will you help him feel better? Will you help him learn how to be healthy? All you need are some sticky notes, a pencil, and oodles of imagination!

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  • Habits and Habitats - Student Text
    General Conference Education Department

    …item is not available via the web site. Please call your Adventist Book Center store at 1-800-765-6955 for pricing and availability. Science and Health Program Grade 3 or 4 - Student Textbook Habits and Habitats leads students to explore plant life, the earth’s treasures, and how matter…

    $18.50 $4.97
  • Foods That Help Fight Cancer, Pack of 100 (Vibrant Life Tracts)
    Vibrant Life

    This health information is too good to keep to yourself. Tuck some of these tracts in your purse or glove compartment–share them with people you meet. Each tract contains ordering information for Vibrant Life and the Discover home Bible study plan. Eight foldout pages, size 2 3/4" x 4 1/4".

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  • Finding Calm In the Chaos Of Life
    Julian Melgosa

    health even in the imperfection of this world, follow Jesus’ suggestion, ‘Remain in me, and I will remain in you’ (John 15:4)” A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that faith, prayer, hope, forgiveness, and trust are beneficial to our physical and emotional health.

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  • Your Heart - Breath Free Pamphlet

    The best answer to heart disease lies in prevention. Obviously the heart is our most vital organ—once it is in trouble, we are in trouble. To reduce your risk of heart disease, here inside this little pamphlet are some specific suggestions along with dramatic inside-the-heart pictures.

  • Health & Wellness: Secrets That Will Change Your Life
    Mark Finley, Peter N. Landless

    How much would you pay to learn the secrets to lifelong health and wellness? Health and Wellness: Secrets That Will Change Your Life shows you spectacularly simple ways to avoid such chronic killers as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You'll learn how good nutrition heals the body and…

  • Keep On Keeping On
    James W. Gilley

    Encouraging stories to carry you through the tough times With a twinkle in his eye and a prayer on his lips, pastor, evangelist, and church administrator, James Gilley, pulls from his own experiences to provide heaping doses of encouragement for those going through tough times. Often humorous and…

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  • The Glory of the Vision, Book 1
    Richard A. Schaefer

    When God presented the instruction to establish a medical school, Adventist leaders such as Ellen White knew what they had to do, but the road to success was anything but smooth. Tired, confused, and disappointed, Adventist believers fought to meet standardized requirements, challenge the draft…

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  • Prescriptions for Spiritual Health
    W. D. Regester

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability.The author offers 35 prescriptions for chronic illnesses that victorious Christians will find helpful in resisting temptation and keeping their…

  • Enjoy It!
    George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

    Ideal nutrition within everyone's reach This book will allow you to discover how to maintain health in accordance with the latest WHO-endorsed recommendations by knowing the 8 decisive health factors and the most influential habit for our well-being: food.* You will know what you need to eat in…

    $9.99 $3.00
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  • The Ministry of Healing ASI
    Ellen G. White

    …shipping. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Many things contribute to good health—cheerfulness, fresh air, exercise, diet, and positive relationships with other people, to name a few. Crucial also is a personal relationship with the Creator who gave us life and everything we need for health and happiness.…

  • Foods that Heal
    George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

    Before there were drugs, there was nature You can change your life by changing your diet. You can enjoy more vibrant health just by tapping into nature’s cornucopia of vitality-enhancing foods. Let world-renowned nutrition expert Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger get you started on the pathway to…

  • End Times Health Wars
    Steve Wohlberg

    …diet, sunlight, water, and exercise--plus drinking fresh juices and eating LIVE foods-are powerful weapons to overcome demonic attacks against your health. Be have the winning edge against the tactics Satan uses to "steal, kill, and destroy" your health and the health of your family.

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  • Forks Over Knives DVD

    …how to adopt a whole-foods, plant-based diet as the primary approach to treat their ailments—while the challenges and triumphs of their journeys are revealed. The film features leading experts on health and tackles the issue of diet and disease in a way that will have people talking for years.

  • Pocket Signs - Does God Care That I'm Hurting? - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    This attractive and easy-to-read sharing tract offers hope and reassurance that God is there and that He does care – a message that many need to hear during these difficult times. Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly SIGNS, in…

  • Life Matters Signs of the Times Series
    Signs of the Times

    Each magazine in the Life Matters series from Signs of the Times® focuses on a different area of healthful living, giving people the tools they need to live happier, stress-free, disease-free lives. These 16-page magazines are beautifully designed and priced for sharing!* Bible Study interests*…

  • Eco Health
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    In Eco Health Sharon Platt-McDonald helps you discover a safer, more environmentally friendly modern lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Those who take her practical advice are sure to benefit in many different ways.

    $5.99 $4.97
  • Silver Hills Spa Cuisine
    Eileen Brewer, Cecile Gordon

    …family wouldn't miss dairy products. Ever since the 1980's Eileen has been expanding and perfecting vegetarian recipes and menus for Silver Hills Health Center and Spa. She has taught numerous vegetarian cooking schools as well as produced three Silver Hills cookbooks. When Silver Hills chef Cecile…

    $26.95 $15.97
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  • The Power of Hope
    Michelson Borges, Julian Melgosa

    While most people recognize that exercise and a balanced diet help our well-being and improve health--what should we do when illness is not located in one specific part of the body? Have you ever* felt crushed by numerous commitments?* been unable to deal with everything on your to-do list?* had to…

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