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  • The Road I Travel
    Raymond C. Holmes

    In a world that is being infiltrated and seduced by the emerging church, spiritualism, Eastern religions, and the New Age movement, understanding the reality and meaning of genuine biblical spirituality is vital. How else can you avoid being led astray? If you desire to remain faithful to the end,…

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  • Let It Go
    Yvonne Rodney

    It was a terrible secret. A secret she’d kept for a long time. Until the day she couldn’t hold on to it any longer . . . Lisa wasn’t prepared for her husband’s reaction when she told him. Guilt had built up over the years to the point where she couldn’t bear it anymore. Grace had been trying to keep…

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  • Noah: The End of the World
    Bradley Booth

    “Welcome to the ark!” Noah’s voice thundered across the meadow. My name is Noah, son of Lamech, and grandson of the great patriarch Methuselah. You’re wondering, I’m sure, why we are building a boat in the middle of a field. And why in the world a farmer would spend…

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  • Blessed Are The Unlikelies
    Philip W. Dunham

    Are you caught in the tension between wanting to do great things for God, yet finding yourself dragging through life with a dull sense of failure? Then consider Gideon, a member of a divided tribe, he was “a man unknown, and unheard of, whose occupation was to thresh corn stealthily, lest the…

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  • Adventist Girl, Set Three
    Jean Boonstra

    An Australian adventure for a new Adventist girl! The year is 1898. Heather Gibson can hardly believe her family is moving to Australia. She wonders about this land so strange, so far from home. Will she like it? Will she make any friends? This was the time when Ellen White lived there and wrote her…

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  • Power For A Finished Work
    J. L. Shuler

    Is the deepest longing in your heart to go through to eternal victory? As Seventh-day Adventists we are confronted with four indisputable propositions:* We cannot go to heaven until Jesus comes. * Jesus will not come until the work of the gospel is finished. * This work cannot be finished without…

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  • Salvation 101
    E. Lonnie Melashenko

    In Salvation 101—Christianity Made Simple, Lonnie Melashenko explores the essentials of Christian faith, the bottom line of our religion. It's not all that complicated, but it can be hard to believe: "Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to…

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  • Helpings For the Heart
    George E. Vandeman

    The author understood that stories have the power to make people stop, listen, think, and even laugh. Stories can change lives. Over the course of his remarkable ministry, George Vandeman used stories to draw people to Christ. George and Nellie's daughter, Connie Vandeman Jeffery, has assembled a…

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  • Archangel
    Miguel Valdivia

    Throughout the history of the universe angels have had an interesting and intimate interplay with humans. As God’s messengers to a fallen world they have watched and walked among men, invisible, powerful, guarding against the evil forces that surround us. We are not alone; armies of angels are…

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  • Jesus
    Charles T. Everson

    For you, the light of God shines.

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  • Lest We Forget
    George R. Knight

    What is done in the present creates both history and future. 1832    One middle-aged farmer began preaching that Jesus was coming soon. 1844    One frail teenage girl related the first vision given to her by God. 1846    One retired sea captain published a little book on the seventh-day Sabbath.…

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  • Truth Matters
    Herbert E. Douglass

    The phenomenal success of the book The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren, has amazed Christians not only in America but around the world. Zondervan Publishing’s president and CEO Bruce Ryskamp said it “is more than a bestseller, it’s become a movement.” Its author, pastor…

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  • Grounds For Belief
    Ed Dickerson

    Change is inevitable—except from vending machines. Times change. It’s not your daddy’s world anymore. Today we live in a decentralized, media-dominated, postmodern world. The Internet enables the exchange of ideas and information unimagined by previous generations. Facts and…

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  • I Forgive You, but . . .
    Lourdes Morales-Gudmundson

    Of course, I’ve forgiven him, but . . . You find yourself mentioning the offense to a friend, remembering how the incident made you feel, and how it affected your life. Afterward, you feel guilty. Why? Because you’re a Christian. Christians are to forgive and forget, right? This book is…

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  • Lord, Save My Church
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    We expect the devil and his minions to come into the church like a herd of elephants. Instead, they come in like a swarm of termites – unnoticed. All may appear normal, but the fact is, the load-bearing truths that hold up our message are under attack. Satan’s been quietly gnawing away…

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  • When Heaven Pauses
    Kurt W. Johnson

    When you cry, God stops and listens What do you do when life tears up the rule book and throws the pieces in your face? In this book, author Kurt Johnson suggests that when you’re facing a crisis and you don’t think you can go on—Heaven stops what it’s doing and takes an…

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  • The Windows of Heaven

    An inexpensive tool to promote tithing and generosity Help church members revive their spirit of giving with this new booklet containing inspiring true stories and promises of God’s provision. The material compiled here will help members understand the biblical principle of tithing and…

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  • Guide Special - Ellen White: Light to Defeat the Darkness / Slam Dunk

    Today, much information can be found online regarding Ellen G. White—some of it true, some of it false. So how do we teach our kids about Mrs. White’s life, ministry, and contribution to the Seventh-day Adventist Church? This Special Ellen G. White Issue of Guide® is an excellent way…

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  • The Gospel of Love and Real Evangelism
    Peter J. Prime

    "God is love" with the two greatest commandments is the only authentic truth. Without it, there is no authentic reality of being or well-being and well doing for the world, the church, the family and the individual. All is worthless, all is hopeless and all is at an end. Hate as the antithesis of…

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  • The Sword of Denis Anwyck
    Maylan Schurch

    “Hey! Come back here!” shouted the steward. Into the blackness of the tunnel I dived. My right knee smashed against something hard and immediately grew warm with blood. Down the giant steps I scrambled, groping frantically in the darkness, my hands outstretched like the feelers of some frantic…

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  • Sensory Secrets
    Catherine Schneider

    “Catherine Schneider has turned her three decades ...working with children into a must-have guide for parents, professionals and educators.” The Reading Corner, This is a great book with life-changing potential. Easy to read, it makes understanding sensory integration…

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  • MindWaves
    Arlene Taylor

    Living authentically involves knowing your unique brain. Drs. Arlene Taylor and W. Eugene Brewer will show you how to get acquainted with your gray matter in their book, MindWaves. Four factors play an important role in defining who we are personally: gender brain preference,…

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  • Heaven Bound
    Fountainview Academy

    In the Spring of 2003 Fountainview Strings toured the Ukraine and shared 21 concerts at Bible seminar sites sponsored by Outpost Centers International. Heaven Bound is a collection of songs from that tour. This album features songs by both the strings group and choir. Selections include Seek Ye…

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  • Prophecy Speaks
    Earle Albert Rowell

    “Inviting all skeptics, scoffers, unbelievers, infidels!” The advertisement in the newspaper caught George Emerson’s attention. A man named David Dare was inviting all skeptics, scoffers, unbelievers, and infidels to his lectures—and they were free to interrupt at any time with questions or with…

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